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by Ron Joseph

September, 2008

Removing Spray Paint from Concrete

Q: We have a beautiful etched concrete subdivision sign that have been defaced with spray paint (for the second time). The first time, we had professionals come out to remove the paint at a cost of $400. What can we do to: 1) remove the paint ourselves, inexpensively, and 2) coat the cement with something to prevent the any future spray paint from adhering?

A: Most cities now use anti-graffiti paint to easily remove spray paint from subway cars, walls, etc. Off-hand I don't have a recommendation for you, but if you enter "anti-graffiti paint" into Google you will find several products that you can use. If you can't purchase them at a hardware store, you might be able to obtain them from the paint manufacturer's distributors.

Here is one link I found while browsing Google: I have never used it and cannot vouch to its effectiveness.


Ron Joseph

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