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by Ron Joseph

September, 2006

E-Coat Surface Preparation

Q: I am currently trying to find out what is the difference between the specification of E-coating with Spray paint and Powder Coating. I understand that in powder coating processes, there is usually a pretreatment process known as "phosphating". Is this treatment also similar or equivalent to "E-coating"? Does E-coating with Spray paint actually refer also to Powder coating?

A:  Surface preparation, such as phosphating, for E-coating is more thorough than for either liquid or powder painting. Prior to applying the E-coat the metal surface MUST be pristine clean so that the E-coat dipping bath is not contaminated by the metal that will be coated.  

E-coating is a dipping process, whereas liquid and powder coatings are usually spray applied using equipment that is specific to each coating technology.  

The following web site provides you will several Q&As that you can read.  Also, the Electrocoat Association has compiled a book on the topic.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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