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by Ron Joseph

September, 2006

Powder Coatings for Food and Beverage Contact

Q: I am inquirying about the suitablility of powder coating stainless steel for use in a food and beverage enviroment. Our Food and Beverage Director is planning on having new "side stations' built for our main dining room and intends to have them constructed out of stainless steel due to ease of cleaning and durability. The comment was made that a s.s. finish was not appropriate for our main dining room due to historical architectual constraints. How well will a powder coated s.s. table hold up to daily cleaning/scrubbing. Thank you for your input.

A: Depending on the type of powder coating resin system that you select, it is possible to get long term durability from powder coatings. The substrate doesn't really come into play here since it will be the powder coating that gets cleaned and scrubbed.   

I suggest that you call some large powder coating suppliers and ask for their recommendations. Please also bear in mind that you must select a primer that is compatible with stainless steel. The surface of the substrate is also important.  It is more difficult to get good adhesion between powder and brushed stainelsss than between powder and polished metal.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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