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by Ron Joseph

October, 2008

Painting Existing Imron Coated Surface

Q. Can I paint over the Imron paint as supplied from the Winnebago factory with an acryllic, any suggestions? I do not know if its a acryllic base or a Polyuerathane base type of Imron. The paint code is P0087.

A. You should be able to paint over the Imron polyurethane provided that you thoroughly sand down all surfaces with 280 grit paper to provide the polyurethane with a profile. Unless you achieve this profile the new paint might not adhere well. After sanding wash down and remove all the sanding dust, grease, oils, etc. Then apply a latex primer followed by a latex top coat.

Since I can't guarantee a good, long lasting job, I suggest that you first experiment with a small section by checking the adhesion of the new coating system. Preferably wait several weeks before doing the adhesion check, since the longer you wait the more reliable the result will be.


Ron Joseph

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