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by Ron Joseph

October, 2008

Painting a Powder Coated Pool/Yard Fence

Q. We recently purchased a powder coated pool fence, as well as 'Smart Slat' fence, however the colour I selected based on a brochure is about 2 - 3 shades lighter than the colour I prefer. As this is a brand new fence, do I have any options to paint it with my preferred colour (now that i know what that is!) or do I need to live with my mistake?

A. If you repaint the fence you run the risk that the fresh paint will eventually peel off. If you thoroughly sand the entire fence to achieve a profile you might be able to get adequate adhesion. However, since this is a fence, my guess is that it will be exposed to sunlight, and this can be detrimental to long term adhesion between the fresh paint and the powder coating. Therefore, while your repainting endeavor might work, in my opinion you will be taking a significant risk.


Ron Joseph

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