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by Ron Joseph

October, 2008

Acrylic Enamel vs Polyurethane

Q. Valspar makes bolth acrylic and polyurethane single stage automotive paints and there is not much difference in price, so what are advantages of disadvantages of either. i am painting an RV and at the customeres request, wants a single stage paint. so whats "better"?

A. I am not aware of Valspar's single component polyurethane. Generally, however, both acrylics and polyurethanes have excellent sunlight resistance and they retain their gloss for many years. Of the two, polyurethanes usually also exhibit higher resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and physical abuse.

If the prices of the two products are approximately the same, I doubt that the single component polyurethane you mentioned is a pure polyurethane. It might be a copolymer of poly and acrylic, in which case your choice might be a toss-up.


Ron Joseph

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