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by Ron Joseph

October, 2008

Air Speed

Q: I have a downdraft booth, we are having solvent pop problems, my paint manfacture has run all kinds of tests, they claim the problem is to much air speed over the car causing the solvents to become trapped. Some cars pop right away some look good but a few months later they die back. We are using spies hecker water born base with a high solid clear. Using the reps air flow gauage air flow speeds measured next to the car are 100-120 fpm. my question is how do I slow the air speed down but keep the volume of air the same? Would a adjustible baffle in the intake work?

A: Rather than slow down the air velocity in your spray booth, your paint vendor can add slower evaporating solvents into the paint to keep the film open for longer. This should solve your problem.

An air velocity of 100-120 ft/min is ideal and meets OSHAs requirements.


Ron Joseph

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