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by Ron Joseph

October, 2008

Appropriate Kind of Paint for Agricultural Implements

Q: We are manufacturing agricultural implements like tillers, Rotary tillers, cultivators i.e. soil preparation implements. We are using PU primer & PU paint after grit blasting on the surface followed by oven drying. Kindly advice us any improved technique or paint. Please also clarify if powder coating will be ok.

A: If you are not experiencing any problems with the polyurethane system, you can continue to use it. However, I prefer an epoxy primer rather than a polyurethane primer, but perhaps the one you are using is doing a good job for you.

Powder coatings are also suitable for farm implements.

I hope this helps.

Q2. I heartly thank you for replying very promptly & validating the paint what we are using. Sir we will plan to use epoxy primer in stead of PU primer followed by PU paint as advised. Sir I request you to kindly advise me that what kind of powder coat with its process flow should be used to get better results on farm implements. Theses implements face tough weather conditions including sun, rain, water, soil & soil abrasion while working. Kindly advise the grade, type of powder coat to be used & its additional advantage over use of epoxy primer with PU paint. Thank you.

A2. Your powder coating vendor will provide a selection of powders for you to consider. Some powders are excellent but are expensive. Others are also good, perhaps not quite as good, but are less expensive. Polyester powders are probably the most popular for your application, but polyurethanes will probably provide better long term durability. They are also more expensive.

I suggest that you purchase a copy of the Powder Coating manual from the Powder Coating Institute (see online). The manual provides the advantages and disadvantages of the different available resin systems.

Good luck,

Ron Joseph

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