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by Ron Joseph

October, 2007

Poor Paint

Q: We painted a house on a warm day. We used a paint sprayer.The paint left spots all over and the paint swirled and ran. So we let dry and came back another day and did it again.The paint did the same. It was like the paint was breaking down. We have painted many houses and this is a first. What do we do?Miller paint said there was too much moisture in the air. Today was 76° so?

A: Painting on a "warm" day when the temperature is 76°F does not seem unusual. Actually, 76°F is a very average day. What was the humidity on the days that you painted? High humidity can be a problem, but in most cases the climate must be VERY humid for one to notice the defects.

I'm not sure that I fully understand your description of the paint defects and of you are able to take some digital photographs that you send me, I'll take a look at them. 

Based solely on what you've written I would not rule out the possibility that perhaps the paint was faulty, but I need to know more.


Ron Joseph

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