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by Ron Joseph

October, 2007

Highway Pavement Markings

Q: I am looking for articles, books, and specifications to deal with waterbase paint and epoxy pavement markings.  I do not believe that our current material specification is giving us the most durable product that we could get and would like to revise our specifications.  revising the specifications is the goal, to get there I need to learn about how the components of waterbased paints and epoxy effect the final product on the road.  We are not getting the same durability as others states in the region are getting.

A: I am not aware of any books that focus on this topic. Several books on waterborne coatings and epoxies are available from, or by going to the bookstore at the web site of the Federation of Societies of Coatings Technologies (FSCT). Have you considered speaking to your counterparts in other regions, especially if you know that their traffic marking paints are holding up better than in Colorado?


Ron Joseph

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