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by Ron Joseph

October, 2006

Fish Eye in Water Based Paints

Q: We are experiencing fish eye in some of our finish paint jobs on wood materials. Do you have any solutions. We have cleaned our sprayers,air lines, installed new paper filters,etc. We have been told a product named "Squirt" may help. Any suggestions? We need help.

A: Solving fisheye or cratering problems can be VERY difficult. You can try adding a small amount of a fisheye "killer" and perhaps the "Squirt" mentioned in your email is one such product.  I am not familiar with the trade name.  Be careful not to add too much of the fisheye eliminator because under such circumstances you can actually make the problem worse.   If the "fisheye killer" does not work, you will need to do a thorough evaluation of every aspect of the paint line, including the spray gun, hoses, paint, pumps, pressure pots, air supply, compressor. etc. Very often the offending contaminant is carried through the air from a long distance, such as someone else's factory or facility. Even your workers might be responsible by bringing the contaminant into your facility in some of their cosmetic or personal care items.    If all your efforts fail to identify the source, I would be happy to visit your facility on a consulting basis and try to solve the problem.


Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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