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by Ron Joseph

October, 2006

Building Your Own Spray Booth

Q: I am a cabinet maker and would like to build my own spray-booth in my back yard.  I am going to be spraying mainly  polyester finishes which are highly combustible and very odorous. Could you please sir tell me where can I find info. how to build a water style (the water stream acting as a filter spray-booth?

A: I strongly suggest that you do not try to build your own spray booth.  There are stringent OSHA regulations on spray booth design because paints and lacquers are flammable and can be explosive under some circumstances. In any case, before you can operate the spray booth you will probably need to get approval from the fire marshall in your local area and you might also need to get a permit from the local air pollution control agency.   My best advice is that you purchase a properly designed booth and get the fire marshall to look at the location at which you want to install it. Please bear in mind that the fire regulations and guidelines are very clear on the minimum distances of a spray booth from other objects.   If you would like to review the guidelines, please go to and download document NFPA 33 for which you will need to pay a small price. You can also go to the OSHA web site ( and download the regulations for free.  Finally, I suggest that you find out if you will need a permit from your air pollution agency.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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