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by Ron Joseph

October, 2002

Food Grade Epoxy Coatings

Q. I would like to know the price of food grade epoxy paint.The paint is to be used in water clarifiers.As the water from the clarifiers is used for brewing beer it should have no taint.

A. Epoxy coatings for application in food and potable water processes are readily available. I don;t know how much they cost, but that will also depend on your location and their availability in your country.

These coatings are formulated with resins and pigments that are not toxic and most paint manufacturers that carry a range of epoxy coatings can supply you with an appropriate formulation.

You can contact the following three companies listed below. All of them make epoxies for potable water aplications, and they sell their products internationally.

I'm sure there are many other paint manufacturers who make expoxies for potable water applications, but at least the three listed above will give you a good start.

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