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by Ron Joseph

November, 2007

Epoxy Phenolic Vs. Red oxide

Q: We intend to export butter oil, we were looking at two options: Galvanized steel drums or MS drums with internal coating of wither red oxide or epoxy phenolic. Can you please recommend which one to go for? 

A: Red oxide is a naturally occurring pigment which has the color of red oxide.  Epoxy phenolic is a resin which has excellent corrosion resistant properties. You can color the epoxy phenolic with red oxide if you so wish. However, I assume that when you refer to red oxide, you are talking about an alkyd red oxide primer, since that is the most common type of red oxide primer available.If my assumption is correct, then the epoxy phenolic has much higher performance properties than an alkyd. To the best of my knowledge, you will need to bake the epoxy phenolic at an elevated temperature, and the cross linking of the resin will give you excellent properties.


Ron Joseph

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