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by Ron Joseph

November, 2002

Acetone on Vinyl Windows

Q. I recently had 14 Vinyl windows installed. The installer decided to try and take the easy way out by installing them without firm strips under the trim around the outdside of the window. He had to remove all the old trim with acetone. I noticed a discoloration on a couple of the windows. What do you think about their decision to use acetone? And, do you think anymore harm will come as a result of their decision?

A. Acetone is a very strong solvent and I'm surprised he used this one instead of something less aggressive, such as rubbing alcohol. I don't know how the acetone reacted with the vinyl, but again, I'm not surprised

With regard to the future, I don't think there will be any lasting damage. The acetone probably evaporated very quickly and any damage in the form of discoloration was probably only superficial. I doubt that you will experience and additional damage.

If these were my windows I would make a note of the incident and perhaps send it to the contractor in case you encounter problems after the warrantee expires.

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