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by Ron Joseph

November, 2002

Painting White Boards, Chalk Boards

Q. We at Tuff Coat have been trying an idea to make writer boards for our company, We have orders from different companies regarding it, we have obtained medium density fiber boards. Our idea is to paint it and finish it with final coating of lacquer, but the problem is after all this work when we write on the board the writing is not erased with rubbing. Can you just tell us what kind of lacquer should we use so that the writing (using erasable markers) will go away on first erase?

A. To the best of my knowledge some companies use a two-component white polyurethane coating. Experiment with it and see if it does the job. Alternatively, ask your paint supplier if he sells anti-graffiti paint ... usually a white or clear polyurethane to which the formulator has added a small amount of a fluorocarbon additive to prevent the ink in the felt pen from penetrating the coating. These coatings are considerably more expensive than lacquers.

When you use polyurethane paints you MUST follow all the health and safety requirements suggested by the paint manufacturer. Please do not start such a job until you have read the precautions.

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