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by Ron Joseph

May, 2006

Contamination of a Phosphate Pretreatment System

Q. We have a new product and it has been soldered with a copper material. Will this contaminate my pre-treat system?

A. In my opinion the copper is unlikely to contaminate the pretreatment system, but I don't know for sure. In addition, I don't know what the solder will do. If I were in your situation I would fill a beaker with the pretreatment chemicals and then immerse the copper/solder assembly for a few hours to see if the bath is contaminated. Then immerse samples of the other parts that you process and determine if you see any degradation in quality of the pretreatment finish.

Experimentation is the best way to determine the risk you run.

If you would like us to perform the tests for you, please get back to me.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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