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by Ron Joseph

May, 2006

Replacement for TT-E-527 Alkyd Enamel

Q. I saw your web page that you have written an article on "TT-E-527 Enamel Replacement". I am interested in seeing this. That spec has been canceled and our system for looking up specs does not list a replacement mil or commercial spec. Is there an equivalent that you are aware of that has a mil or commercial spec that can be referenced instead of TT-E-527? The particular application that I am aware of is some cans that have it applied as a salt spray resistant paint.

A. As you stated in your email TT-E-527 has been canceled. My personal opinion is that you should consider asking your customer if you can use a commercially available high quality alkyd enamel. In the past I have also offered my consulting clients the use of a two-component polyurethane, such as Sherwin-Williams Polane, or equivalent. This is considerably more expensive than an alkyd, but it is difficult to argue that the performance is considerably superior to that of an alkyd. I strongly suggest that you do not make a contractual change without first getting approval from your customer.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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