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by Ron Joseph

March, 2008

Wall Clearance for Spray Booth

Q: My auto shop had a fire next door and I was forced to move. The new warehouse I found is 19 foot wide. The auto paint booth I will be installing is 14' 3" (exterior)wide but the only way I can make it fit is to install it 2' next to the wall. The wall extends 3 ft over the roof line, making it a fire wall w/ a parapet. Do you think I can put one side of the booth within 2 feet of this wall. in this way I can have over a 3 foot walkway on the other side.

A: Only your local fire marshall can give you the go-ahead. He knows the local fire laws and might visit your facility to see the fire risk before making a determination. Your spray booth should comply with NFPA Bulletin #33, which I believe calls for a 3 ft clearance; however, since I have not seen your wall, I am not in a position to comment.

Again, I suggest that you take the advice of your fire marshall.


Ron Joseph

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