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by Ron Joseph

March, 2006

Painting Over Silicone Spill

Q. I just had my garage door painted and I believe there was a silicone spill. The paint has begun to flake just as the original did. I think when the garage door as put in some one must have spilled what I think is silicone because the paint will not adhere. Is there a type of sealer to cover the area or do I have to grind the area down. Thanks.

A. Unfortunately I don't know what you can do to eliminate the problem of the silicone. There are no degreasers or solvents that can remove silicone and to the best of my knowledge all paints will pull away. You might need to experiment with a silicone alkyd, or perhaps a blocking agent, but I asm doubtful that either will work.

Another alternative is to lay another impermeable material over the concrete. Would you covering the concrete floor linoleum tile or sheeting? If you did that you would have a nice clean floor and would not need to paint it.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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