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by Ron Joseph

June, 2010

Painting Plastic

Q. I have been working on my 1978 Honda gold wing and started the side covers. There are four plastic side covers. I sanded and primered the covers and then fine sanded with 360 grit sand paper. I then used Fusion spray paint the gloss black and followed directions. I then used clear coat by fusion as directed. The results were very dull. I think it was due to the weather. Can I apply another coat of Fusion black gloss paint over the crystal clear coat and then apply another clear coat on that? Paid good money for the paint and would not like to have to start over. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

A. You will need to scuff sand the clearcoat to roughen it up before applying the black gloss paint. If the clearcoat has been standing in the sun for a while, you should ensure that you sand well and do not leave any surfaces unsanded.

While I believe that technically you can go ahead with your project, bear in mind that the more coats you apply, the greater risk you run that one or more of the paint layers might peel over the long haul. This is not a definitive statement, because you might never have a paint peeling problem. This is simply a risk you take.


Ron Joseph

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