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by Ron Joseph

June, 2008

CARC Paint

Q: I was curious to know if it is always necessary to utilize an epoxy primer prior to applying CARC? Would a substrate such as fiberglass be able to skip the primer and still meet the military specifications?

A: I do believe that it is possible to apply the CARC top coat directly over fiberglass, especially if you apply sufficient film thickness > 1.8 mils to provide the necessary IR camouflage. However, I am not able to give you permission to omit the epoxy primer. For that you will need to get approval or a waiver from the weapons manager of the product you paint. You might even need to first obtain a letter from the Army Research Lab (ARL) advising that the omission of the epoxy is acceptable for adhesion of the polyurethane to the fiberglass. Address your email to Mr. John Escarsega,

Good luck,

Ron Joseph

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