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by Ron Joseph

June, 2006

Portable Paint Tent (Spray Booth Enclosure) in my Garage

Q. I hope that this question has a place here within your expertise.
Here we go: I hope to spray paint my classic car in my garage.

I'd like your suggestions if you please and straighten my out if I go off the beam.

I'll make a frame out of furring strip; 1x2's about 7 to 8 ft. tall. Then I'd staple polyurethane sheets to the furring strips. Ron, what do I do to ventilate the spray tent. I have a un-vac, but I know I need incoming air and outgoing also.

What do you recommend? I will not build anything till I hear from you.

A. Unfortunately I can't assist you. Spray booths are first and foremost fire protection enclosures and in all good conscience I cannot assist you by telling you how to design something that has a potential to cause a fire or explosion in your house .. possibly injuring you and/or your family. Coincidentally, last week I visited a large factory that burnt to the ground on account of a paint/spray booth fire; therefore I urgently want to stress the potential dangers that are inherent with spray booths.

The codes for designing and installing a spray booth can be found in NFPA Bulletin 33, which you can download (for a small fee) from and I strongly urge that you study this bulletin before you go forward with your project.

Have you considered the possibility of renting space in a spray booth in your local area? Custom coating shops or auto refinishing shops might be willing to allow you to use their facilities for a small fee.

Best wishes for your ambitious project.

Ron Joseph

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