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by Ron Joseph

June, 2002

Method 24 Analysis for UV Curable Coatings

Q. Do you know of any laboratory that performs Method 24 and is equipped to test UV cured coatings. Method 24 seems to refer to ASTM 5403 and labs that I have spoken to have not been set up to perform this test.

A. Paul, I don't know of any labs that perform the test for UV curables, but you might try Calcoast Labs at They are located in the San Francisco Bay area and focus much of their work in the paints and coatings industry.

Alternatively, you might contact RADTECH:

Gary M. Cohen
Executive Director
RadTech International North America
301-664-8408 (Gary Cohen)

Rita Loof
Consultant for RADTECH
(909) 981-5974.

Gary or Rita might know of a lab that can help you.

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