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by Ron Joseph

July, 2008

Do I Need a Paint Booth?

Q: We us about 6-8 spray paint cans a week for touch up paint. Is that enough to require a paint booth?

A: You need to read the air pollution regulations for your state to see if you are exempt. In some states you would not need to purchase a spray booth if all you are doing is touch-up. However, you need to understand the definition of touch-up as defined in the regulation. I have consulted to several company representatives who told me that they were solely doing touch-up, but when I observed their operations, they were painting larger surfaces than was intended by the regulation.

If you are using the spray cans to paint entire surfaces, or if you are using them all on the same day, you might need a spray booth, because you might be exceeding the daily allowable limit for paint usage.


Ron Joseph

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