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by Ron Joseph

July, 2007

Restoring Anodized Bumpers with Clearcoat

Q: I am restoring a '77 camaro with the large aluminum bumpers. The original anodized coating has become dull and cloudy. I want to remove the anodized coating, then clearcoat the bumpers. Is this possible? Thanks!

A: I don’t know how you will remove the anodizing, unless you take the bumper to a local plating shop and have them strip the anodizing for you. If the plating shop immediately applies the clearcoat, you should be OK.  However, bear in mind that aluminum forms an invisible microscopically thin, inert oxide layer, and if you apply the clearcoat over the oxide, you might find that the clearcoat will peel off over a period of time.  If you are intending to do this repair work at home, I’m not sure that you will succeed in getting a lasting durable clearcoat.


Ron Joseph

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