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by Ron Joseph

July, 2006

Siphon Spray Gun

Q. What type of spray gun would work best for spraying a solvent based enamel paint. I am currently using a siphon type gun at 40psi. with adjustments for air flow and material flow. It seems that the material transfer is not always consistent and the gun is new with a 1.8mm needle and nozzle set for heavier materials. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You for your time.

A. I suggest that you refer to the owner's manual where you will find the viscosity of the paint and relate it to the orifice, needle and cap size of the spray gun. If the viscosity is relatively low a siphon gun should work well. If the viscosity is higher than that recommended by the vendor, consider using either a gravity-fed or apressure-fed HVLP spray gun.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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