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by Ron Joseph

January, 2007

Skid Resistant Traffic Marking Paint

Q: The reflective white paint used for road markings here in Taipei, Taiwan is extremely slippery when wet, to the point of being a serious hazard to motorcyclists, and sometimes cars and pedestrians too. I wish to write to the government here to suggest a non-slip alternative such as something similar with a grit added. Do you know of any such material, and contact info for the supplier which I could provide to the government along with my suggestion? Thanks very much!

A: I searched Google for "traffic marking paint" and found many suppliers. Alternatively, you might like to write to the Department of Transportation departments in various states, such as California, and inquire as to the specific product specifications that they are using. All states purchase their traffic marking paints under contract, and the states usually supply a specification so that vendors can bid.  By searching the internet you might be able to find a typical specification.

I searched Google for “specification traffic marking” and found this specification;  Nowhere did I see anything in the spec that referred to the paint’s slipperiness or anti-skid properties.


Ron Joseph

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