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by Ron Joseph

January, 2002

Cost to Comply With the MMPP NESHAP

Q. I am wondering how industry is planning on complying with the MMPP NESHAP. How available are off-the-shelf control technologies and low HAPs paints? I know a lot of factors enter into the calculations, but could you give me a ball-park figure as to how much it will cost an average painting facility to comply with this NESHAP?

A. First, the MMPP MACT has not yet hit the streets, and so we don't know exactly what it will call for. We do have some ideas based on other MACT standards.

On March 19-22 we'll be giving a four-day seminar on environmental issues regarding painting operations in Austin, TX, and approximately 20% off the time will be spent on calculations that will more than prepare you for the MACT. If the MMPP MACT is published in the Federal Register before the course, then we'll make it a central feature of the program.

You are the only person who can estimate the cost of complying with the NESHAP because each and every company is different and has a different level of compliance. There is no "average" company that we can reference for calculating average costs. On the one hand you can retain an environmental consulting company to review your facility for compliance and calculate the approximate costs, or you can do this on your own.

Therefore, if this topic is of importance to you and your company and you would like to do the cost estimate yourself, I strongly suggest that you consider attending. This program has already been given to the state agencies in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Additional programs have already been schedules for the regulators, permit writers and inspectors in Illinois and Indiana, and at the EPA in RTP.

If you are interested please visit

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