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by Ron Joseph

February, 2010

Building a Standard Lab

Q. My sponsor and colleague in school wants me to help set up and run a research and development lab for his paint industry. What are the basic equipments needed in the lab and what are the basic tests we must be carrying out to help our economize our cost of production? My role will be to provide information.

A. Unfortunately you have asked a very broad question and I can't really give you an answer. Before you purchase any equipment, you first need to define what tests you intend to perform. What paints do you intend to test? Are you doing development work or only quality control?

I suggest you find a local paint company and visit their laboratory, or locate a paint testing lab in your area and speak to the lab manager or paint technician. He can show you what tests he conducts and explain why uses each item of equipment. In addition, go to and review their products catalog. Read what each instrument does and then determine if that is something you will need.


Ron Joseph

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