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by Ron Joseph

February, 2007

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Powder Coating Operations

Q: I am inquiring about safety policies & PPE for Powder Paint Coatings Manufacturing Quality Control Lab staff. What additional precautions should be taken for pregnant staff? Being familiar with only our state's policies, what are your recommendations? Do you know of any web sites that may be beneficial? I will be most appreciative of any information you may provide.

A: This is outside my field and falls into the lap of industrial hygienists and toxicologists. The Powder Coating Institute ( has published books on powder coatings that include a chapter on health and safety. However; I'm not sure to what extent the books have taken pregnant women into account. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you retain the services of an industrial hygienist and/or toxicologist who is familiar with special precautions for pregnant women.

Can I please ask you to send me any information that you might gather that I can post on this web site?

Hope this helps.


Ron Joseph

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