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by Ron Joseph

December, 2008

Spraying Sealer - Tailing Problem

Q. We are spraying under body sealer on car using robots. We would like to get WFT of 500 micron in one pass. During spray we are facing following problem.

  • Tailing - Thick lines on edges & at center of spray.
  • Matl being sprayed - sealer-
  • Viscosity - 85000 centipoise. (100% solids)

Till now we were using manual spray gun with 2 to 3 passes. We now installed robots for spray. Please let us know the possible causes.

A. In your email you did not provide the type of spray gun you are using, but I assume that on account of the high viscosity you are using an airless spray gun. Regardless, it sounds as if you do not have the sufficient pressure to properly atomize the sealer. I suggest you experiment by raising the pressure in the hope that you will eliminate the tails.


Ron Joseph

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