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by Ron Joseph

December, 2008

Shipping Protectants

Q. I am looking for some kind of washable spray or coating that I can put on motorcycles to protect them from salt air and water when shipping motorcycles over seas. To protect the paint and chrome, but then can be washed off.

A.Valvoline makes a wide range of temporary protective under the trade name Tectyl. Many years ago I worked on a huge project to protect military vehicles from corrosion in Namibia, Southern Africa. The coastline in the town, then called Walvis Bay, was so corrosive due to the daily marine fog, that the life of a military truck was less than 6 months. Our search for a temporary corrosion preventive resulted in the use of Tectyl 506. Thereafter, all vehicles sent to Walvis Bay were completely immersed in Tectyl 506 so that the product could seep into all crevices and inaccessible areas. After the immersion all external surfaces were washed off. As a result of this corrosion protection strategy the vehicles lasted for more than one year.

The website provides a long list of Tectyl products and I'm confident you will find one that suits your purposes. The products have different viscosities and purposes and you might need to speak to a technical representative who can help you identify the most appropriate product for your purposes.

Bear in mind that the coating you select might need to meet your state or local VOC requirements. Also, when selecting a product you will need to consider the method by which the coating will be removed when it reaches its destination .... steam. hot water and detergent, or solvent.


Ron Joseph

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