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by Ron Joseph

December, 2007

Paint Booth with a Waterfall

Q: I deal with aircraft dope and fabric applications and painting. Many years ago I was stationed at a military base on the upper east coast where there was a large paint room with a water fall on one end. There was (apparently) a exhaust vent around that water fall. What purpose or advantage does this design serve?

A: The fan extracts the solvents and paint particles from the air. It is a critical component of the spray booth as it also forces the paint overspray in the air to mix with the water. Then the overspray is "killed" (made non-sticky) by chemicals in the water, and the overspray transfers from the air to the water. Because of air turbulence caused by the fan the water/overspray are constantly forced back into the water trough so that only clean air leaves the facility.

If you are a small operator (spray a low volume of dope) you do not need a water fall type spray booth. You will be better off purchasing a dry filter spray booth. 


Ron Joseph

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