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by Ron Joseph

December, 2007

Are Clear Coats Hazardous to Your Health?

Q: Have you heard of any connection between automotive clear coats and heart problems if used in confined area over time ?

A: I'm not an industrial hygienist nor a toxicologist; however, automotive clear coats are usually two-component polyurethanes. Component B, the curing agent, contains a poly diisocyanate that can be harmful to one's health, and all painters are warned to wear the appropriate protective equipment, including respirators when using these coatings. More commonly, the effect of excessive inhalation apparently affects breathing.

I suggest that you visit your doctor who can contact a toxicologist for more information.  When you speak to your doctor and the toxicologist I suggest that you take a copy of the MSDS with you so that he/she can see exactly what chemicals are present. 


Ron Joseph

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