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by Ron Joseph

December, 2002

Restoring and Refinishing Sinks and Bathtubs

Q. I have a small sink that is very unsightly due to the fact that the porcelain has worn off badly. Is there a way that I can resurface this sink with paint or a combination of lacquer and paint and, if so, what kind of paint do I need?

A. There are coatings that have been designed to restore sinks, bath tubs etc., but the the restoration process can be complex and requires someone who has experience doing this. If you go the the Internet you will find several companies that licence these processes to contractors. If I were in your situation I would contact them and ask if they have a qualified person in your local area.

I entered the following words into "bathtub restoration refinishing" and found an abundance of listed companies. You can purchase many of the products from them and do the job yourself, or hire a proferssional who knows the ropes.

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