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by Ron Joseph

August, 2008

Overspray Problem

Q: Hi, I recently did a small amount of painting on my aircraft, using PPG Concept paint and a DeVillbiss Plus High Efficiency gun. My neighbour is now complaining about overspray on his helicopter in the next hangar.

While the hangar isn't sealed completely, the gaps are fairly small, and the aircraft in question was about 30' away.

His aircraft is painted with Imron AF400 in some places, and Imron Elite SS in others. He's claiming that you cannot buff out Imron without damaging it's longevity and wants a repaint. Naturally, I would prefer to avoid this, so any info you have on Imron and the effects of buffing would be appreciated.

Would Acetone work without damaging the Imron paint? Any other suggestions for overspray removal on Imron?

Thanks for your help.

A: In my opinion you can buff out the overspray without affecting the underlying Imron. Please tell your neighbor that automotive shops buff Imron and other paints all the time. I have seen nothing in the literature to suggest that the Imron will be affected. I would not use acetone or any other solvent, but would rather simply use buffing agents and a buffing cloth. You might want to visit a body shop in your area to see what materials they use.


Ron Joseph

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