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by Ron Joseph

August, 2008

Inquiry of Viscosity cup for 15000 cps

Q: Our products viscosity is up to 15000 cps. We required a viscosity cup to measure the viscosity in cps. Is this type of cup available?

A: You will probably require a Zahn #5 viscosity cup to measure such a high viscosity fluid. A viscosity of 15,000 cps is approximately 19,000 centistokes. The Gardco catalog for Zahn cups ( shows that a Zahn cup #5 is applicable from 219 to 1627 centistokes. This range is lower than 19,000 centistokes; therefore, the fluid might be too thick even for the #5 cup. I suggest that you purchase a cup and try it. Alternatively, send an email to Gardco and ask them to recommend a suitable efflux viscosity cup.


Ron Joseph

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