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by Ron Joseph

August, 2007

Lacquer Thinner MSDS Question

Q: I have an MSDS for a lacquer thinner. The density of the product is 6.58 pounds per gallon. The product is 100 percent “volatile” by weight and volume (solids are 0 percent by weight and by volume). HAPs ingredients include 22% Toluene (CAS 108-88-3) and 3% Methanol (CAS 67-56-1).

The MSDS also says…

VOC less exempt (lbs/gal)--6.6

VOC as packaged (lbs/gal)--4.5

I know the product has 1.45 lbs of toluene in each gallon (0.22 times 6.58) and….

I know the product has .20 lbs of methanol in each gallon (0.03 times 6.58)

I want to know if any of these VOC numbers are useful for reporting air emissions as required by my state air quality program.

Thanks for any help you might be willing to give me!

A: I don't know in which state you reside, although from your email address it appears that you reside in South Dakota. In addition, I don't know under what regulations you fall.

Regarding VOCs, you need to report 6.6 lbs/gal. If you are also required to report HAPs then separately report the toluene and methanol as you mentioned in your email. Bear in mind that toluene and methanol are both VOC and HAPs. If there were any exempt solvents in the thinners, the MSDS would have stated which are present and their quantities.


Ron Joseph

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