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by Ron Joseph

April, 2008

Relocating a Paint Booth

Q: Will I need a permit to relocate a paint booth within the same building, there will be no emissions changes? The state is South Carolina.

A: I don't believe that you will need to apply for a permit to change the spray booth's location because you are not changing the spray booth's physical size, nor are you increasing your emissions. However, when you applied for a permit, you were probably asked to send the District a plant layout in which you indicated where the existing spray booth is located. At the very least you should send the District a new layout under cover of a letter in which you explain your need to relocate the booth.

To play it safe, you might want to call your permit engineer and inform him of what you intend to do, and if he tells you that you don't need to amend your permit, keep a record of your conversation.

Good luck,

Ron Joseph

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