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by Ron Joseph

April, 2008

Large Paint Booth

Q: We are building a new facility and are in need to be able to paint large size machines that would have to be put in the paint area with over head cranes because of weigth. Can you give any ideal how we can do this with out a in closed paint booth can we paint in a open with the side walls open on the building? With out having prolbems with EPA and OSAH? Any help you could give me would be appreciate.

A: You didn't tell me how much paint you intend to use, whether your facility is in a rural area or an industrial city, how many machines you intend to paint per day, month or year, but my guess is that you cannot paint in an open area. Your local Fire Marshal can tell you.

Even though you have an overhead crane, you can install a paint booth around the machine. One alternative is to purchase two spray booths facing each other with the chain that hangs down from the crane running between the two. The ceiling of the spray booth remains open where the chain runs through. The crane will be above the ceiling of the spray booth. You can even enclose the booth with doors at either end.

Alternatively, you can purchase a single booth and simply cut a slot in the ceiling to allow for the chain to pass through.


Ron Joseph

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