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by Ron Joseph

April, 2006

Painting Aircraft -- DuPont Impron vs. Sherwin-Williams Jetglo

Q. I'm repainting a Cessna 172, and I have a choice between Imron and Jetglo. Do you have any reports or an opinion on advantages of either product? Does either have an advantage in terms of market value of the airplane after being repainted?

A. According to DuPont's data sheet, Imron is a two-component acrylic/polyester polyurethane, and according to Sherwin-Williams Jetglo is a two-component polyester polyurethane. I have not compared their respective performance data, and therefore cannot tell you the finer differences between the two products. In my opinion both products have an excellent reputation and I would not hesitate to use either coating to paint a Cessna 172.

Best wishes,

Ron Joseph

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