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Toxic Chemical Reporting: Electronic Reporting

Electronic EPCRA Section 313 Form R reporting is accomplished by using the web-based system TRI-MEweb, which is offered free from EPA. Facilities submit TRI reports through the Internet via the EPA Central Data Exchange (CDX).

Reports submitted through the Internet are sent to both the EPA and the State (check with state contact) and fulfills the dual reporting requirement. For participating states, you will not need to send anything further to either agency. The TRI-ME reporting software will guide you through the Internet submission process. First-time reporters are an exception to this and should refer to the Instructions.

TRI-MEweb Resources
The Toxics Release Inventory – Made Easy Web (TRI-MEweb) is a Web-based application that enables facilities to file a paperless TRI report, significantly reducing data errors and allowing instant receipt confirmation of submissions. TRI-MEweb requires no downloads or software installs, and is EPA's preferred method for reporting toxic chemical releases under the TRI Program.

The TRI-ME web based application, is available to facilities in states that are participating in the TRI State Exchange Network.

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